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How To... Stay fuller for longer

Go for oats

Porridge oats are full of a form of dietary soluble fibre called beta glucan, which supports healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. It also helps to keep blood glucose levels stable, which means we feel fuller for longer and experience fewer nagging sweet cravings. 

Eat edamame beans

These beans are great to snack on, or in salads or soups. They are high in fibre that will keep you full, preventing you from overeating. And they’re packed with protein which will also keep your appetite in check.


How to make your tot brainy

A few simple rules can set your little one on the road to learning success

It’s an issue that could affect your child’s future, yet more than a third of parents in England with under-fives don’t know if their nursery employs qualified early years teachers. These are teachers trained specifically to support early learning and development and to help those falling behind.


How to... Help someone with cancer and money worries

People can lose income and face extra bills when they have cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support offers advice...


Listen to their concerns and offer reassurance. You may not be able to help them financially, but you could support them in other ways, such as looking after their children while they attend appointments, popping by with a hot meal or just calling for a chat.

Seek advice