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10 tips for STAYING YOUNG

Kim GregoryComment
10 tips for STAYING YOUNG

Who wouldn’t like to feel and look younger? Is it possible? One expert says so, and he shares his secrets...

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You arrive home at the end of a long day. The kids are demanding dinner, there’s a mountain of washing to do and you’re exhausted.

By the time you go to bed, you have zero energy left. You look in the mirror. Your skin is lined, there are bags under your eyes and you think to yourself: When did I get so old?

Ask most people and they’d say they want to look and feel younger.

Is it an impossible dream?

Well, one expert believes he’s found the answer.

Holistic health coach Skip Archimedes, author of Living Forever Young, is known as the Miracle Man after he defied his doctors and learnt to walk again after breaking his back.

Studying Eastern and Western approaches to health and vitality, he also discovered some life-changing truths.

He says: ‘The 10 secrets of living forever young might at first glance not seem like secrets at all — until you recognise that you aren’t actually living them.’

Here is his 10-step guide to living younger…

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1 Breathe

How do you breathe? Do you take short, sharp bursts or do you take full, deep breaths that allow oxygen to really circulate around the body?

By learning how to breathe properly, you can strengthen your lungs and reduce tension, pain and stress.

2 Move

It’s no secret that exercise is key to longevity. Yet we still say: ‘I don’t have the time.’

But whether it’s going for a brisk walk on your lunch break or squeezing in a 15-minute HIIT session, there’s really no excuse not to embrace fitness. You’ll feel more energised, awake and, yes, younger.

3 Nourish

Perhaps the biggest — and most obvious — key to a long, healthy life is eating and drinking well. Unhealthy foods don’t just cause us to pile on the pounds, they also take a toll on our skin, accelerate ageing and cause oily or dry patches and wrinkles.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to overhaul your diet, taking a note of all the ‘bad’ foods you currently eat and replacing them with fresh, raw produce.

4 Rest

How often do we take time out to properly restore our bodies?

Lack of sleep has been linked to poor skin and hair health, reduced memory function, and increased risk of heart disease. Only when we sleep are our bodies able to repair, replenish and heal.

5 Love

The way in which we love and are loved has a huge impact on our lives, affecting how we may feel getting up in the morning, to how connected we are to those around us. If our relationships with both others and ourselves are nurtured, we feel enriched and fulfilled.

6 Shine

Not only does the sun put a smile on our face, it also helps the body to naturally produce vitamin D, a key factor in fighting fatigue. Vitamin D also allows the body to absorb calcium, helping bones to stay healthy and strong.

7 Believe

You can accomplish anything you believe in. If you constantly tell yourself that you’re old, you’re going to feel that way.

But if you wake up every day and say to yourself, ‘I’m young,’ you’ll start to believe it.

8 Learn

Learning is vital to keeping our minds young. Whether it’s studying a new language, taking up a hobby, meditating or doing a crossword, choose something you enjoy to help keep your mind active and stimulate your brain.

9 Commit

Skip says: ‘If you commit fully to your purpose, your passions, your views and your activities, you unlock your potential for greatness.’

Visualise your future every day, and give thanks each morning for the little things in life. A positive mindset at the start of the day will help keep you on track.

10 Live

Take a look at the world around you. How do you live in it? Do you fill your life with positivity? Or do you let negativity drag you down?

Skip says: ‘Every day you have the potential for adventure, for experience, for connecting and understanding — you just have to cherish your environment enough to truly live it.’

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Living Forever Young: The 10 Secrets to Optimal Strength, Energy & Vitality, by Skip Archimedes, RRP £12.99.