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10 toxic habits to give up

Kim GregoryComment
10 toxic habits to give up

Without realising, often we are the only ones holding ourselves back. By giving up these bad habits, we can move forward…

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Worrying about what other people think of you

What others think of you is none of your business. It’s your life, your story and you get to write the ending. People are too concerned with their own life to be that bothered about yours.


Waiting for the right time

There isn’t one. Progress is key. What is the first tiny step you need to take right now?


Fretting about past failures

What happened then is not the blueprint of the future. Nothing is set in stone and history doesn’t always repeat itself.


Making excuses

Come to a decision, take action and dare to have a go.


Assuming things

Be curious, ask a question or do your own research. Don’t invent scenarios or judgments to suit your prejudices or fears.


Being too laid-back

Get clear on what you want for your life, love and health. Make sure you know yourself.


Choosing to do nothing

A ‘going with the flow’ stance just means you are wasting time and not taking responsibility for your actions.


Beating yourself up

We all make mistakes, say the wrong thing and let ourselves down at some point. Forgive yourself, make amends if need be and move on.


Downplaying your strengths

Know what you are good at and make a list. Accept compliments, like yourself, appreciate your uniqueness and relish your oddities.


Putting life on hold

Saying you will be happy when you have got the dream partner/job promotion/big house/big money means you are not living in the now.