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5 easy ways … to boost your metabolism

Bauer XcelComment
5 easy ways … to boost your metabolism

Flex those muscles

Aerobic exercise increases your metabolism. But building muscle is important too because it boosts your basal metabolic rate. That means you burn more calories even when you are sitting on the sofa.

Eat slowly 

We are told to eat more slowly so the brain can register when we are full. But taking 40 minutes to eat a meal can burn an extra 50 calories as well. Just don’t blame us if your food gets cold!

Eat more grains

People who eat whole grains rather than refined white grains burn more calories, according to a study earlier this year. The reason is unclear. But it could be because whole grains such as brown rice and wholewheat pasta and bread contain more fibre, and make your digestive system work harder.


Eat regularly

Every time you eat, your metabolism goes up for two to three hours while your digestive system springs into action, burning more calories. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can constantly snack, as you are likely to consume more calories than you can work off.

Say no to crash diets 

On very low calorie diets, your body slows down your metabolism, which makes it harder to lose weight. And when you return to normal eating, you tend to put on the pounds. It’s better to cut calories gradually and lose weight steadily. Starving the body decreases muscle mass, which lowers your metabolic rate.