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5 reasons to...GET SCREENED

Kim GregoryComment
5 reasons to...GET SCREENED

Cervical screening rates are at an all-time low. Yet every day, nine women are told that they have cervical cancer, and three will die from it. Here’s why you should attend your screening…

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It prevents 70 per cent of cervical cancer deaths

Screening is the most effective way of preventing deaths from cervical cancer, as it identifies pre-cancerous changes which can then be monitored. 


A few minutes can save your life

It takes five minutes and you only have to go once every three or five years, depending on your age. It is the most effective women’s health screening programme.


It can tell you more about your health

As a woman, it’s important to listen to and understand your body. Learn to spot potentially common signs or symptoms that could indicate a gynaecological cancer.


You’ll be put at your ease

Don’t let embarrassment stop you from being screened. Talk to your GP or the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, who will help you find a solution, such as having another woman present.


If left untreated, cervical cancer can kill

If cervical cancer is found at stage one there is a 95 per cent chance of surviving for five years or more. If it’s found at stage four, that chance of survival goes down to just five per cent. Don’t risk it — get in touch with your GP now to book your screening.