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5 ways to deal with noisy neighbours!

Kim GregoryComment
5 ways to deal with noisy neighbours!

Occasional irritation is normal. But here’s what to do if things get out of hand…

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1 Be polite and rational

Remember you’re likely to stay living with your neighbours, so try to diffuse any situation as tactfully as possible. Politely explain the problem — they might not realise they’re causing issues. Avoid getting locked into a tit-for-tat feud.


2 Log what is happening

Keep a diary, with photos, videos or sound recordings but don’t let your actions rile your neighbours. Talk to others in your area. They may be experiencing similar problems and could help you solve it. Consider approaching your residents’ association. Professional mediation might solve things quickly and calmly. 


3 Taking the legal route

Speak to a solicitor who can draft a letter on your behalf or send a formal letter laying out the consequences if things continue. If they are a tenant, contact their landlord. There should be a clause in the tenancy agreement prohibiting anti-social behaviour. 


4 Talk to your 
local council

Your local authority may have some powers to intervene, mediate and apply to the court for an order criminalising further anti-social behaviour from your neighbour. Most have an Environmental Health department, which can impose penalties for things like noise and nuisance.

5 If things get out of hand

Call the police if there is physical assault, violent or threatening behaviour, vandalism or harassment. If all else fails, bring a civil action in the courts via a solicitor under the Protection from Harassment Act.

From housing lawyers at Hodge Jones & Allen