Kim GregoryComment

5 ways to… keep kids safe online

Kim GregoryComment
5 ways to… keep kids safe online

We all know the internet has hidden dangers, but as more young people stream content online, how can we protect them?


Be aware of potential risks

Streaming and downloading pirated content is illegal, but it isn’t just legalities parents should be concerned about. Pirated content can expose children to inappropriate material and explicit pop-ups, as well as putting devices at direct risk of malware infections.


Understand streaming services

The risks to children when they stream content online can be minimised if done safely. Stick to legitimate services you know and trust on both your TV and on the web, and use their in-built parental controls to ensure your children see age-appropriate content.


Use parental controls

Apply parental controls to any internet-linked devices used to stream TV and video. In addition to PCs and tablets, your connected television and games consoles also allow internet access, so review the settings to make sure children remain safe online.


Establish boundaries

Find out what your child likes to watch online and discuss with them which websites and apps are best for them to use. Review these sites as they get older and let your child know they can talk to you if they come across anything that upsets them online.


Start a conversation

As soon as your child starts to use the internet you should begin to talk about what
they might find there. Help them understand that sometimes they may come across things that you would prefer they didn’t see.