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Kim GregoryComment

Asthma attacks kill three people in the UK every day. 
If you’re one of the 5.4 million Brits with asthma, Asthma UK’s GP Dr Andy Whittamore has some top tips for managing your condition…

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1 Take your preventer inhaler

Your preventer inhaler helps you build up protection against asthma triggers over time, making you less likely to have an asthma attack. Taking it as prescribed is essential.


2 Manage your triggers

Asthma triggers might be obvious ones — such as cigarette smoke — but they could also be something invisible, like grass pollen. Try keeping a symptom diary to help you spot any patterns.


3 Use a written asthma action plan

You’re four times less likely to end up in hospital if you use a written asthma action plan. Fill it in with your GP at your yearly asthma review, and you’ll be able to spot when your symptoms are getting worse, and know what action to take if they are.


4 Avoid bogus cures

Some people with asthma use alternative therapies such as salt caves and herbal remedies. There is no evidence to show that these work. They could even make your symptoms worse, so they are best avoided.


5 Take up yoga

Yoga teaches breathing control, reduces stress and provides a gentle form of exercise. But you will only feel the benefits when practised alongside taking your prescribed medication.


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