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5 ways to... sharpen your brain

Kim GregoryComment
5 ways to... sharpen your brain

In these hyper-connected and over-stimulating times, we can feel overloaded with information. Life coach Carole Ann Rice reveals how to push back…

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1 Give yourself a mental audit 

Work out what’s overwhelming you. Maybe you have too many commitments, or perhaps you’re making other people’s needs your responsibility. Then decide what needs to go. 


2 Tackle your social media habit 

A simple social media detox is a great way to declutter your mind, but to really sharpen your brain, you need to focus on prioritising the things that matter. What messages and feeds are important and actually make you happy? Anything that doesn’t fit that description needs to go. 


3 Try meditating 

Meditation is a great way to empty our minds. It can be as simple as staring out of a window in silence for 10 minutes and just noticing your thoughts. Headspace is a great app to try. 


4 Find better ways to use your time 

Are your emails taking up hours every day? Are you checking Instagram or Twitter every 15 minutes? Work out how much time you’re using, and then fill it with something else — something that’s more productive and meaningful. 


5 Use the ‘3D’ concept 

Run down a list of what you want to achieve each day, and prioritise using three categories: Do it, Dump it or Delegate it.