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Kim GregoryComment

Do you end your weekend dreading the next day? Here’s how to put an end to Sunday night anxiety

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Consider a change

If you hate your job and find it’s causing you anxiety, then consider moving on. Being in a job you like will help keep you motivated and looking forward to going into work on Mondays.


Kick the bottle

Limit your alcohol intake on a Sunday night and you’ll thank yourself come Monday morning. People drink to calm their nerves but, in reality, negative emotions intensify. 


Get more sleep

Lack of sleep makes it more difficult for your brain to fight negative feelings and keep anxiety at bay. Make sure you keep your bedtimes as regular as possible, develop a healthy night-time routine, and get plenty of rest over the weekend


Organise your thoughts

At the end of the week, take five minutes to organise your workload in preparation for Monday morning. Recap what you have achieved and make a ‘to-do’ list for any outstanding tasks. This will help refresh your memory on Monday, so you don’t feel at a loss.


Get excited for Monday

Mondays are always seen as the day that we must just get through. Give yourself something to look forward to on a Monday — whether it’s wearing a new outfit, organising a nice lunch out or planning something fun after work.