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5 ways to support someone living with dementia

Kim GregoryComment
5 ways to support someone living with dementia

Dementia Action Week is from 21 to 27 May. Wendy Mitchell, 62, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years ago. Here are her top tips…


1 Don’t automatically do things for me

If a person with dementia is struggling to do something, a lot of people just do it for them. Although it’s done out of kindness, wherever possible, please help me to do something for myself.


2 Don’t think of a diagnosis as the end

Life with dementia will always be different but that doesn’t mean it will all be bad. It can still be filled with laughter and adventures, it is more about adapting. Keeping a positive attitude is really important.


3 Remember I still have talents

For me, I’m living with dementia not ‘suffering’. Every person diagnosed will have had interests and talents and these aren’t lost overnight. Whether they loved writing, drawing or sports, encourage them to keep this up.


4 Take each day as it comes

When someone you know has dementia, it can make you worry about the future. Don’t dwell on this and instead focus on each day as it comes. There will be bad days, but tomorrow may be better.


5 I’m still a person with feelings

Often, if someone has dementia, people can start to exclude them from a conversation. After a diagnosis, we still like to be included and treated with respect.


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