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Kim GregoryComment

We could all use a shot of self-belief now and then. Here’s how to learn to stand up for yourself

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1 Be aware

We are all different when it comes to confidence. You may be fine saying ‘no’ in the workplace, but let your kids run rings around you. Think about where you are confident, and where you aren’t. Being aware is the first step.


2 Dress the part

Dress in clothes that flatter and make you feel powerful. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a power suit and heels or trainers and your favourite leather jacket. Experiment and see how each item makes you feel on the confidence scale.


3 Practise pausing before replying

It gives you the breathing space to decide how you answer a request, without automatically saying ‘yes’ and regretting it later.

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4 Get used to asking for what you want

Start with asking for more mayonnaise to go with your meal in a restaurant and up the ante until you can ask for help, promotion or a pay rise.


5 Find a confidence icon

It could be an inspiring person or a celebrity such as Beyoncé. When faced with a situation, ask yourself: ‘What would they do?’


From business psychologist and founder of The Bitch Network, Paula Gardner.