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6 myths about... sunburn

Kim GregoryComment
6 myths about... sunburn

Don’t get caught out this summer

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Myth: I can’t get sun damage on a cloudy day

Even if you can’t see any blue sky, a significant amount of UV rays can still get through the clouds, so it’s best to apply sunscreen if you’re out and about.


Myth: I can’t get sunburnt in the UK — the UV rays aren’t strong enough 

Wrong. Always protect your skin, even in the UK. 


Myth: My sunscreen says it’s water resistant, so I only need to apply it once

Despite what the packaging promises, swimming, sweating, rubbing, or towelling down means you will end up removing the sunscreen from your body. Always reapply after sporting activities, or at least every two hours. 


Myth: My skin is only damaged if it turns red.

Sunburn and skin peeling is the extreme end of skin damage from UV rays. When the skin ‘tans’ this is damaging your skin and putting you at risk of skin cancer in the future. 


Myth: I can’t get sunburnt through windows

Wrong. UVA radiation can penetrate glass. This can be a car window, or even your windows at home. Be sure to protect your skin if you’re on long car journeys, or spend a lot of time sitting by sunny windows. 


Myth: SPF25 is half the SPF protection of SPF50

SPF50 does not offer twice the protection as SPF25, even though it offers a higher level of protection, so don’t be fooled.