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6 natural ways to... ease migraines

Jess BellComment
6 natural ways to... ease migraines

One in seven of us suffers from migraines, and they affect twice as many women as men. Here’s how to tackle the pain without popping pills

 Take a magnesium supplement

Research shows that those with lower levels of magnesium can experience more frequent migraines. Magnesium-rich foods include dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, wholegrains, avocado and yogurt.

 Stay hydrated

Water transports nutrients to where they are needed in the body and removes toxins, waste products and dead cells, which are produced in higher quantities when there is inflammation. Stay hydrated with herbal teas, water and coconut water.

Get more sleep

Migraines may stop you falling asleep or wake you at night. Also, they can be caused by a poor night’s sleep. Aim for seven to eight hours’ sleep, keep your bedroom environment calm, and unwind in the evening by having a warm bath.

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Increase your omega 3 intake

An omega 3 supplement can help reduce inflammation within the brain. Omega 3 is found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as nuts and flaxseeds.

 Lower your stress levels

Stress causes acidity and increases free radicals — contributing to pain and inflammation. Keeping a blood sugar balance is essential in lowering stress, because crashes in sugar levels stimulate stress hormones. Ensure you have a small meal that contains protein every two to three hours.

 Get hot and cold

Putting an ice pack on the pain can reduce blood flow, which allows the muscles to relax. Alternatively some migraine sufferers feel better after having a warm bath, or find putting their feet in warm water is effective.