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6 parenting tricks for holiday harmony

Kim GregoryComment
6 parenting tricks for holiday harmony

School’s out, so here’s how to make the most of the holidays

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Stay positive

Say yes more often than you say no. This doesn’t mean letting your children take charge. It means agreeing to things on your terms. Instead of saying no, try things like: ‘Yes, an ice cream would be OK — after you’ve eaten your tea’.


Set screen time

Set rules for screen time in advance to prevent arguments. It could mean a set amount of time each day once they’ve completed their chores.


Keep a bedtime routine

Try to keep a regular bedtime in place — even if it’s slightly later than during term-time. This keeps children settled and also ensures they get enough sleep.


Plan in advance

Most children like to know what’s happening in advance. Try to plan at least a few days ahead so they know what to expect. Keep a calendar up on the wall so that everyone can see what’s happening each day.


Draw up ideas together 

Have fun drawing up some ideas lists together. You can have different lists for days out, smaller activities to do together, plus activities for the children to do on their own. These could include a bug hunt in the garden. Or some fitness challenges — for example, how long can they run on the spot, do keepy-uppies and balance on one leg?


Keep a healthy diet

Keeping sugar levels down is easier said than done in the holidays. Try to balance out treats with some lovely salads and exciting fruit cocktails.