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6 reasons you get better with age

Kim GregoryComment
6 reasons you get better with age
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1 You’re less prone to headaches

Migraines tend to become less frequent and severe after your 30s. Hormones play a large role — post-menopause, your oestrogen levels don’t fluctuate as much, which usually means fewer headaches.


2 You don’t catch as many colds

While children catch an average of six to eight colds per year, grown-ups only have to suffer about two to four. This is because adults have developed more of the antibodies that help to fight and prevent infection.


3 Friendships become stronger

Having good pals by your side is vital at any age, but friendships impact your health and happiness more strongly as you get older. In some ways, friends can become more important than family, as they help stave off loneliness and make you feel supported during life’s inevitable ups and downs.


4 You’re happier

Happiness and mental health tend to improve with age, according to research. What may have upset you when you were 35, doesn’t necessarily have the same impact at 65. You learn that happiness is a skill and a choice.


5 Your sex life gets better

Remember those awkward teenage make-out sessions? The older you get, the more skills and strategies you acquire that translate to sexual wisdom. So while your libido might not be quite what it was, the quality of sex becomes more important than the quantity. 


6 Your confidence improves

You might feel pretty good about your latest Insta selfie, but self-esteem peaks between 60 and 75. By then, you’re wise enough not to let little things upset you — and what others think or do is of less concern.