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6 surprising signs you need to visit the dentist

Kim GregoryComment
6 surprising signs you need to visit the dentist
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Dentist Dr Richard Marques, from Wimpole Street Dental, reveals the less obvious signs of tooth trouble…


White spots on your teeth

White spots can be an early indication of tooth decay caused by acidic bacteria that can dissolve enamel. If not cared for properly, this may lead to decay and ultimately tooth loss.


Headaches in the morning

If you suffer from headaches first thing in the morning, you may be grinding your teeth during the night. Your dentist can create a night guard that will prevent further damage.


Sensitive teeth

Many people ignore tooth sensitivity but it can be a direct result of tooth decay. Visit your dentist if your teeth become sensitive to hot or cold.


Dry mouth

A dry mouth is usually caused by dehydration but if the problem persists, see your dentist as it could be linked to a condition where the immune system attacks the salivary glands.


Jaw pain

Jaw pain could be the result of a decayed or abscessed tooth often caused by a gum infection or grinding of the teeth. Your dentist will treat the affected area from the root.


Mouth ulcers

A sharp or misaligned tooth can rub the side of the mouth, causing an ulcer or sore. Your dentist can smooth down or adjust the tooth and prescribe medication to heal the infection.