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8 ways to avoid bbq blowout

Kim GregoryComment
8 ways to avoid bbq blowout

On average we eat 3000 calories at a barbecue. Here’s how to have fun without overdoing it

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Ditch the bread

Bread is a starchy carb which makes you feel bloated. Steering clear of it can significantly reduce your calorie intake.


Go easy on the dressings

This is where you’ll find hidden calories. Mayonnaise has 94 calories per tablespoon, whereas ketchup only has 19.


Go homemade

Shop-bought foods, such as coleslaw, dips and salads, tend to be higher in calories and fat. If you have time, make your own.


Cut back on the booze

It’s easy to indulge over the course of a few hours. If you’re drinking spirits, opt for slimline mixers, and top up wine with soda water.


Steer clear of sides

When loading your plate with side dishes, stick to salads and veg, and avoid crisps and dips.


Eat slowly

Eat mindfully and slowly, ensuring you chew your food, and take breaks in between, so you don’t end up feeling sluggish.


Don’t overload your plate 

It’s easy to get carried away. Try to opt for small portions — you can have second helpings if you’re still hungry.


Enjoy yourself! 

One of the key things about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is allowing yourself a treat every now and then. So don’t be too hard on yourself — simply make the best choices you can, and enjoy being with family and friends.