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Five benefits of activated charcoal

Kim GregoryComment
Five benefits of activated charcoal
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1 Reduce bloating and gas

Activated charcoal is made by burning coconut shells and collecting the carbon. It absorbs the toxins that build up in the digestive system and binds with gas-causing by-products within the intestines that cause discomfort.


2 Beat hangovers

Alcohol — and sugary soft drinks — fill the body with toxins, but supplementing with activated charcoal capsules before bed (available from, priced £19.99) will trap the toxins and safely transport them out of the body.


3 Whiten teeth and eliminate bad breath

Activated charcoal improves the pH balance in your mouth and absorbs plaque, so not only will you notice an improvement in the colour of your teeth, you’ll also have fresher breath.


4 Reduce skin abnormalities

Just as activated charcoal absorbs toxins from the digestive system, the same can be done by applying it as a facemask. It pulls out impurities and heavy metals from the skin, deep-cleansing your pores and destroying acne-causing bacteria.


5 Anti-ageing

It prevents cellular damage to the kidneys and liver by trapping and flushing out the chemicals and toxins that would otherwise damage your vital organs.