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Five reasons to… drink tea

Kim GregoryComment
Five reasons to… drink tea

1 Gives protection from cancer

Drinking tea regularly may protect you from developing several different types of cancer, including oesophageal, ovarian and bowel cancer, according to studies. Scientists say the protection comes from special plant compounds called polyphenols.


2 Helps weight loss

Researchers believe that tea can help weight loss by stimulating good bacteria in the colon, promoting fat breakdown and the clearance of glucose from the blood. Drinking tea after a meal may also help stabilise blood sugar, which is important for the prevention of diabetes.


3 Benefits your heart

Drinking four cups of tea daily can bring heart health benefits, in particular reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, according to Lynne Garton, dietitian and member of the Tea Advisory Panel. She says: ‘Tea polyphenols help to relax the blood vessels so leading to control of blood pressure.’


4 Protects against osteoporosis

Tea lovers have a reduced risk of osteoporosis, a condition which causes bone fractures. In 2017, researchers concluded that those who enjoyed a regular cuppa were 38 per cent less likely to develop osteoporosis.


5 You’re unlikely to overdo the caffeine

Healthy adults can safely enjoy eight to 10 cups of tea a day, according to the European Food Safety Authority. This is based on a tea bag containing 40-50mg of caffeine. Most people find that this level of caffeine improves their mood and alertness without negative effects such as sleep problems or anxiety.