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Five tips… For healthier sperm

Bauer XcelComment
Five tips… For healthier sperm

Boost folate and zinc

If you’re trying to conceive, your partner should increase his intake of folate and zinc to reduce the risk of chromosome abnormalities. Good sources of folate include leafy green veg, folate-enriched cereals and wholegrains. Foods rich in zinc include red meat, shellfish and cashew nuts.

Have an early night

Men who go to bed between 8pm and 10pm have better quality sperm, according to a recent study in China. Their sperm have increased motility (are better swimmers) and are more likely to fertilise an egg. The study also found that men who go to bed after midnight, or who sleep less than six hours, have a lower sperm count.


Keep cool

Nature positioned the testicles away from the body for a reason — sperm perform better if they are kept cool. Men wanting to conceive should avoid things that makes the testicles overheat, such as very hot baths, saunas, tight jeans and using a computer on their lap.


Avoid toxins

Chemical solvents, lead and heavy metals can damage sperm quality. If your partner works near toxic chemicals, he should wear protective clothing and a face mask. Smoking and alcohol can also lead to low sperm counts. 

More exercise, less stress

The benefits of regular exercise are twofold when it comes to fertility —
it boosts testosterone and reduces stress. Your partner should also find time to relax as stress can affect the quality and quantity of sperm.