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Five ways to cut down on drinking at home

Kim GregoryComment
Five ways to cut down on drinking at home
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1 Keep track

The government advises men and women not to drink more than 14 units per week on a regular basis. That’s equal to six pints of average strength lager (4 per cent ABV) or six 175ml glasses of wine (12 per cent ABV). If you choose to drink as much as 14 units per week don’t ‘save up’ your units, spread them out evenly over the week.


2 Know what you’re buying

An easy way of cutting down on alcohol if you’re a wine drinker is to buy small (125ml) glasses for the house rather than the large 250ml ones. You’re more likely to savour a bottle of wine over a few days if you’re not unwittingly drinking a third of it in one go.


3 Home measures

Using an alcohol measure when you pour spirit-based drinks helps you keep track of how much you’re having. Getting measures spot-on also ensures drinks taste exactly as they do when you order them at the bar. 


4 Dinner-only drinking

Instead of drinking all evening, make dinner the time for a tipple. This gives you a period for a leisurely glass of wine or beer, which can be followed by a healthy dessert or hot drink while you enjoy the night’s TV.


5 Get inventive with your wine

It’s a myth that wine doesn’t keep overnight, you just need a good bottle stop. It’s also surprising the amount of things you can do with leftover wine, from freezing it for cooking, to using older wine for vinaigrette.