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Here’s why iodine is the new health hero…

Kim GregoryComment
Here’s why iodine is the new health hero…
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1 Essential for your thyroid

Iodine is important because it helps your body produce thyroid hormones. Many processes rely on these hormones, including growth, metabolism and brain development.


2 Many women are iodine deficient

Research shows many adult women are not getting enough iodine, particularly in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Low levels can cause health problems, such as fatigue, weight gain and depression. Iodine is essential for babies’ brain development in the womb.


3 Where to find it

Iodine is not easily found in the daily diet. It’s present in fish and dairy produce, but organic or UHT milks have lower amounts. Seaweed is a rich source — it’s easy to use as a seasoning or in other recipes in its dried flake form. Try to get varieties from clean seas, to minimise risks of contamination.


4 Don’t overdo it

Taking too much iodine can cause health problems. The UK Government recommends a daily intake of 150mcg for adults and 200mcg for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


5 You may need a supplement

Pregnant women or people who don’t get enough iodine may need to take a supplement, such as the new Alive! Ultra Wholefood Plus range, which contains iodine in the recommended amounts as well as B vitamins and fruit and vegetable extracts. If you have thyroid disease, consult your GP before taking a supplement.