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How To... Cut back on salt

Bauer XcelComment
How To... Cut back on salt

The recommended allowance is 6g a day — most people exceed this by a third. So if you’re looking to cut your salt intake, avoid these foods…

Tinned fish

It’s an inexpensive and tasty way to get fish in your diet. But tinned fish tends to be much higher in salt than fresh fish. Even tuna canned in water contains around 1.2g of salt per small tin.


Because it is made with chickpeas, people often think it is healthier than a creamy dip, but it’s still high in salt. A recent survey found that salt values across different brands can range as dramatically as 0.4g to 1.6g of salt per 100g. So make sure you check the labels before you buy.

Vegetable crisps

Swapping potato crisps for a vegetable version doesn’t automatically mean it’s lower in salt or fat. A 25g portion of vegetable crisps contains 0.3g of salt, the same as a bag of crisps.  


They’re often recommended as a healthier alternative to cakes and croissants as they are lower in calories and fat. But they often contain a lot more salt. One standard-sized crumpet contains 0.6g of salt — that’s the equivalent of two packets of crisps. 


The more-ish combination of fish, rice, pickled vegetables and soy sauce can contain half of your maximum daily amount of salt in one go. If you do
want sushi, don’t add soy sauce, and avoid smoked ingredients as they have higher salt levels.