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How To... Cut sugar in your kids' lunch box

Bauer XcelComment

Children in the UK eat the most sugar in Europe. Nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire offers some simple lunch box swaps to reduce your kids’ sugar intake.

Swap yogurts

Some children’s yogurts are loaded with sugar and additives. But natural yogurt is a great source of calcium and is sugar-free. Why not try it with some chopped dried apricots mixed in for a fibre boost and natural sweetness?

Savoury cheesy smiles

Instead of packing biscuits or cakes, put in some wholegrain crackers and cheese. Buy round crackers and cut the cheese into circles, add some sliced black olives for eyes and a thin slice of red pepper for a smile and you get a savoury cheesy smile. This snack is also full of calcium and fibre.

Jazz up water

A bottle of water in their lunch box is a simple swap that is sugar- and calorie-free and will keep them hydrated. If your child isn’t keen on water, try adding fruity ice cubes made with berries or kiwi. And pack a colourful or curly straw for novelty value.

Non-chocolate fillers

Instead of chocolate, why not try some fruit bread or scones with butter, tea cakes or currant buns without icing? They add variety to your child’s lunch box without overloading them with sugar.