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How parents can avoid back injuries

Kim GregoryComment
How parents can avoid back injuries

Don’t twist

‘Carrying your baby or toddler on your hip may seem like the easiest position, but this movement can cause repetitive strain and even put your spine out of alignment,’ says Damian McClelland, Bupa’s clinical director for Musculoskeletal Services. 

He suggests you should try to avoid twisting your back or poking your hips outwards. Instead keep your shoulders level and facing the same direction as your hips.

Bend your knees

When picking up your child from the floor or their cot, bend your knees rather than your back. If that’s difficult, lift the child from a position as close to your body as possible.

Don’t lean

If you’re passing a child to someone, never lean over a table or chair, go around it instead. Place yourself as close to the other person as possible and avoid jerky movements.

Choose the right buggy

Ensure the handles of a buggy are high enough so that you’re not stooping. When out and about take your time and don’t rush. Stopping and starting quickly can lead to injury.

Shoulder the pain

It’s best not to carry a child on your shoulders, but if you do, then avoid twisting your back. Bend your knees to go through doorways rather than stooping, and crouch or sit to lift the child down, keeping them close to your body throughout.