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How to... cope with SCREEN EYES

Kim GregoryComment
How to... cope with SCREEN EYES

Optometrist Brian Tompkins gives his tips for coping with dry eyes from screen use…

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Remember to blink

Place sticky notes around your desk at work reminding you to blink every few minutes. You could even get your whole office involved and have a communal ‘blink break’.


Eat for healthy eyes

Eating plenty of oily fish, fresh food, nutrient-rich vegetables and omega 3-packed nuts will help to promote lipid production. The lipid layer on your eyes helps prevent evaporation.


Keep plants

Transform your office with some leafy green plants. As well as boosting your oxygen levels, the humid atmosphere will help to lubricate your eyes.


Follow the 20-20-20 rule

When working with screens, every 20 minutes close your eyes for 20 seconds then blink 20 times.


Use eye drops

If your eyes are uncomfortable, try using drops or an eye spray like Optrex ActiMist for Dry and Irritated Eyes to help stabilise the eye’s lipid layer.


Warm your eyes

Heat is a handy helper when it comes to promoting a healthy lipid layer. Wear a self-heating mask for a few minutes or warm your hands on a cup of tea and place them on your eyelids to encourage lipid production.