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How to... cope with tinnitus

Kim GregoryComment
How to... cope with tinnitus
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Learn to relax

Worrying causes tension which can worsen the condition. Many people find that aromatherapy, improved posture, massage, reflexology, craniofacial therapy, yoga, and tai chi are helpful, as well as taking time out to rest in a relaxing environment with special aromas, soft lighting and gentle music.

Avoid silence

In a totally noise-free environment your brain will try to hear any sound more clearly — including the sound of your tinnitus — according to Specsavers audiologists. They advise sufferers to avoid complete silence, especially when trying to sleep. Increasing the amount of ‘background noise’ in your home or workplace can lessen your focus on the tinnitus tone.

Don’t wear earplugs

If you have tinnitus, you should not wear any earplugs that make it more difficult to hear, except when exposed to very loud noises. They will make your tinnitus seem louder.

Watch your diet

Some foods or drinks may aggravate your tinnitus, so consider cutting down or finding alternatives. Keep a diary and make adjustments where necessary.

Keep active

Keeping active and involved in hobbies enhances your quality of life and helps you focus on things aside from tinnitus. Try something new, rekindle an old interest or help with the running of a tinnitus support group.

Visit to find a support group near you.