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How to Cope with work- related illness

Kim GregoryComment
How to Cope with work- related illness
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Keep a diary

Symptom diaries can show if there is a pattern to your illness. Include the date and time, the situation — this can be as simple as ‘work’, ‘meeting’ or ‘day off’ — the symptoms you felt and the severity of those symptoms.


Talk to family and friends

Once you’ve accepted your illness is work-related, the next step is to speak to friends and family. Talking to non-judgemental people who love you and care about you achieves a huge amount emotionally.


Look at your lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle will help to build up your mental and physical strength, constructing a layer of protection around you so you are stronger to deal with what life and work throw at you. Areas to look at include relationships, diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation and your phone and internet use.


See your GP

Confiding in your GP is a good place to start. Your GP can diagnose your condition, initiate treatment and organise logistics, for example sick notes.


Speak to your employer

Approaching your employer directly about your work-related ill health is daunting. But having this conversation allows you to get the support you need. Your employer can offer you a referral to occupational health or time off to seek medical help.


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