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HOW TO… Eat well during cancer treatment

Kim GregoryComment
HOW TO… Eat well during cancer treatment

Eat bland foods

If you’re feeling nauseous, it’s best to avoid strong smells or flavours. Stick to small, frequent meals of bland foods like dry toast, crackers and plain rice.


Choose soft options

If your mouth is sore after chemo or radiotherapy, choose soft foods like soups, smoothies, yogurts, puréed vegetables and tinned fruit. Avoid salty or spicy meals. Drinking through a straw can help too.


Keep hydrated

Cancer patients can quickly become dehydrated, either because of treatment or because they haven’t felt like eating. It’s important to sip plenty of fluids, including tea, water and soup. Some treatments can make water taste strange, so mix with squash or juice.


Go full-fat

With cancer treatment, your body needs plenty of calories to repair cells, fight infection and prevent weight loss. Eat nutritious foods and, if you need to, keep yourself a healthy weight with high-calorie additions such as full-fat milk, butter and cream.


Chew gum

Some cancer treatments can make your mouth dry and uncomfortable, leaving you with a poor appetite. Chew sugar-free gum or suck sugar-free sweets in your favourite flavours to encourage more saliva and make your mouth feel more pleasant.