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How to keep kids safe from bullying

Kim GregoryComment
How to  keep kids safe from bullying
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Talk about it

Explain what bullying is, and ask if they’re being bullied. Keep calm, and listen carefully. They may feel scared, ashamed or embarrassed and they may be worried about what will happen if they tell anyone.


Make sure they know who can help

Let them know they can always talk to you, a teacher or another family member. Alternatively, they can contact Childline.


Help them relax

If your child is being bullied they may feel down, worried or lack confidence. Help them find things to do that make them feel good, such as listening to music or playing sport. Reassure them that it’s not their fault and that they are loved and valued.


Teach them how to stay safe online

Cyberbullying can be hard as youngsters can feel like there is no escape. Don’t stop them from using the internet or their phone — it could stop them telling you what’s happening. Visit for advice. It shows you how to contact social media sites.


Talk to their school

If your child is being bullied, talk to their school. It doesn’t matter if it’s happening outside school or on the internet. All schools have a responsibility to protect their pupils from bullying.


Report online videos

Contact the site the video’s been shared on as soon as you can. Social networks are more likely to take a video down if the child involved or their parents report it.