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How to… keep your kids safe online

Kim GregoryComment
How to…  keep your kids safe online
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Know the risks

Being online can expose young people to cyberbullying, body image pressures, and inappropriate or harmful content. Be aware of the risks so that you can talk to your children about having a positive and safe time online.


Be engaged

Talk regularly with your child about how they use technology and really listen to their experiences. Ask them what they like to do online, how they stay safe, support their friends and what they believe would make the internet a better place. Find out how they’d like you to support them.


Learn safety tools

Learn more about the platforms your child uses and find out what safety features are available. Contact your home internet and mobile providers and ask about the free parental controls they offer.


Be available

Make sure your child knows they can turn to you about anything that may worry them online and that you’ll be there to help and support them without judgement. Even if they say something that may shock you, try to react calmly and reassure them that they have done the right thing by turning to you.


Seek advice

Visit for advice on keeping your child safe online. The website includes conversation starter ideas, activities for your family and information about parental control tools and safety features on the most popular platforms and devices, as well as how to support children and young people playing games online.