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How to... Motivate yourself to exercise

Kim Gregory1 Comment
How to... Motivate yourself to exercise

Be specific
Be very clear about what you want to achieve because the more specific you are the more likely you are to succeed. Make a list of the reasons why you want to exercise — eg, to become fitter, lose weight, improve your mental health. Alongside each reason, write down why this is important to you.

Plan ahead
Set yourself a series of small goals. Then make a timetable for the weeks ahead and write down exactly what activity you plan to do and when. 

Get support
Make yourself accountable to two people and let them know how they could support you and help you keep on track. Be sure to choose people who will make you feel positive about yourself.

Reward yourself
Every time you stick to your exercise schedule or reach a goal, give yourself
a small reward — for example, putting a pound or two in a money box to save towards some new clothes. 

Track your progress
Map out your goals and track your progress in a journal, on a pinboard or by using an app such as Couch to 5K or MyFitnessPal. It will make you more likely to commit and help to motivate you. On those days when your motivation is low, read your original list of reasons why you want to exercise to give yourself a boost.