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HOW TO… Prevent type 2 diabetes

Kim GregoryComment
HOW TO… Prevent type 2 diabetes

Three in five cases of type 2 diabetes can be averted by changing your lifestyle, according to Diabetes UK…

Eat a balanced diet

Being overweight is one of the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Reduce portion sizes and pile up your plate with vegetables instead.

Make healthy food swaps, such as eating wholegrain bread rather than white and choosing water instead of sugary fizzy drinks. For more ideas, visit

Watch your waist size

Even if you are not overweight, being larger around the middle increases
your risk because it makes it harder for your body to control your blood sugar levels. Women should aim for a waist measurement below 31.5in and men below 37in. Eating a healthier diet
and moving more will help reduce your waist size.

Be more active

Gradually introduce more activity into your day by walking to the shops or getting off the bus one stop earlier. A pedometer or activity tracker is a good way to motivate yourself.

Keep a food and activity diary

Start by writing down everything you eat and drink as well as any activities you do during the day. has a handy template to follow. Work out what changes you could make, then plan out all your meals, snacks and activity for the week ahead.