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How to… Stay sober

Kim GregoryComment
How to… Stay sober

Darren Rolfe of Steps Together Rehab on six ways to beat alcohol addiction

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1 Live one day at a time

Every day you are sober is one more day that your body is recovering. Stay focused and don’t underestimate your addiction. Always keep in mind — if you don’t take the first drink then you won’t get drunk.


2 Keep busy

Learn a new skill, help someone with a project, or redecorate your home. You will have more time, cash and energy to do things now. Make a bucket list and actually do it. Be sure to celebrate all your successes, no matter how small.


3 Confide in friends

Reconnect with people you trust and who understand you. Share your thoughts and feelings with them and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


4 Avoid your old hangouts

Tread new ground rather than slipping into old habits. If you fancy a drink, go for a walk instead. Exercise and fresh air are great for the body and mind. 


5 Be mindful

Alcohol may have blurred out things you didn’t want to notice, but now you will also be more aware of things that bring happiness. Take time to appreciate a beautiful morning or the taste of a delicious dinner.


6 Seek professional help

Sign up for treatment if you can afford it. You will have a team of professionals behind you all the way. Otherwise, join self-help groups and online forums. Visit or for more information.