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HOW TO … Treat acne

Kim GregoryComment
HOW TO … Treat acne

Don’t over-wash

Wash the acne-affected areas no more than twice a day, using lukewarm water and mild soap or cleanser. Avoid using harsh exfoliating scrubs or very hot or cold water, as these can cause irritation of your skin.


Don’t squeeze spots

Avoid the temptation to squeeze spots or blackheads. This is likely to make them worse, leading to infection or even permanent scarring.


Take care with make-up

Try not to use heavy make-up or face creams. Stick to water-based products and oil-free make-up, often labelled ‘non-comedogenic’ which means it won’t clog your pores. Avoid wearing make-up to the gym as the combination of sweat and cosmetics can cause inflammation, and always remove your make-up at the end of the day.


Wash your hair regularly

Greasy hair can make acne worse around your hairline and on your neck, so shampoo your hair regularly and clip it back off your face when it needs washing.


Seek help

Ask your pharmacist for advice on medicated gels and creams. They are usually effective but can take up to eight weeks to work. If your acne is severe or getting you down, go to your GP, who could prescribe topical retinoids, azelaic acid, antibiotics or hormonal therapies.