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HOW TO…Cope with dust allergies

Bauer XcelComment
HOW TO…Cope with dust allergies


Check your bedding

Anti-allergy bedding made from ‘intelligent fibres’ limits the growth of dust mite allergens and protects your skin from them. Check out the Allergy UK-approved range. Wash bedding frequently and keep spare blankets in a cupboard to prevent the build-up of dust.

Pamper your pet

If you own a pet, ensure that it is shampooed often to remove pet allergens and dust particles.

Dampen dust

Use a damp cloth to dust surfaces, as this will reduce allergens and avoid dispersing them into the air. Vacuum the house regularly, especially beds and fabrics, to cut down the number of dust and pet allergens.

Use a barrier balm

Trap dust, pet and mould allergens before they enter the body by applying a drug-free allergen barrier balm, such as HayMax, around the nostrils and the bones of the eyes in the morning, throughout the day and at night.

Home and dry

Mould and dust mites thrive in moist conditions. Keep humidity in your home between 20 per cent and 40 per cent by ventilating it well and/or using a dehumidifier. Avoid drying clothes indoors over a radiator, as this increases humidity and can result in mould, which releases tiny spores into the air that you breathe.