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Kim GregoryComment

Forget seven swans a-swimming and six geese a-laying. From 10 million turkey dinners to four billion Brussels sprouts, this is the real story of our 12 days of Christmas — and it’s blown our minds

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Hangover on the horizon

11:48am — the time the average Brit sips their first alcoholic drink of Christmas Day.

57 — the number of Olympic-sized swimming pools that could be filled with the beer consumed in the UK over Christmas.

205,000,000 — the number of glasses of champagne drunk by the nation in the festive period.


Santa’s on his way

85 — the percentage of four-year-olds who believe in Father Christmas.

750,000 — the number of letters sent to Santa by children in the UK each year.

822 — the number of houses Santa needs to visit every second to make all his deliveries.

2,340,000 — the speed in miles per hour that Santa’s sleigh must reach in order for him to visit every home in the world on Christmas Eve.


Shop till you drop

15 — the number of hours it takes us to do our Christmas shopping.

6 million — the number of rolls of Sellotape that will be sold in the UK in the run-up to Christmas.

83 — the size in square kilometres of the mountain of wrapping paper that will end up in UK rubbish bins. That’s enough to wrap up the island of Guernsey.

40 — the percentage of us who start our Christmas shopping before Halloween.

16 — the number of Christmas presents a UK child receives on average.

22 — the number of gifts we will buy, spending an average of £330 in total.

35 — the value in pounds of unwanted gifts we will receive this year.

25 — the percentage of our shopping time spent in a queue.


Talking turkey

170 — the amount in pounds spent by the average family on their Christmas dinner.

50,000,000 — the amount in pounds spent on buying more than 370,000,000 mince pies over the Christmas period. We eat, on average, 27 of them each.

120,000 — the weight in tonnes of potatoes that will be roasted, mashed, chipped and scoffed over Christmas.

4 BILLION — the number of sprouts bought in the week before Christmas.

10,000,000 — the number of turkeys cooked in the UK every Christmas.

7000 — the average number of calories we consume on Christmas Day. You’ll reach your recommended daily allowance at about 2pm.

6,900,000 — the number of carrots left out for Santa’s reindeer.

25,000,000 — the number of Christmas puds scoffed every year.

0 — the number of other countries where Christmas pudding is eaten.

100,000,000 — the number of turkey sandwiches we will eat between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

154,000,000 — the number of crackers that will be pulled across the country, and the number of cheesy-cracker jokes that will be told.

230,000 — the number of tonnes of food thrown away over the Christmas period. That’s £275 million worth of waste.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

9.58am — the time you will have your first family argument on Christmas Day.

5 — the number of hours most of us will spend on the sofa on Christmas Day.

1400 — the number of babies born on Christmas Day.

14,000 — the number of babies conceived in December.

27 — the percentage of families who will sit down to watch the Queen’s Speech on television.

115,000 — the number of us escaping to a beach, with Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote as our top destinations.