The truth about boobs

The truth about boobs

by Bianca Castro |

When it comes to our breasts, what’s true and what’s fiction?

They change size with the weather: TRUE

Ever feel like you’re getting the Wonderbra effect in hot weather? When it’s warm, our bodies swell, including our breasts, which can increase by around half a cup size. Some women find their breasts change in size with their hormonal cycle, as well as dietary habits and stress levels.

You shouldn’t sleep in a bra: FALSE

Sleeping bra-less can cause sweating, boobs disappearing under your armpits and general discomfort. Try a non-wired bralette with boob separators for support as you sleep.

Exercise can make them perkier: TRUE

While exercise can’t make breasts bigger, push-ups can make them perkier. Building strength in your pectoral muscles will tighten them and lift the chest area.

A well-fitted bra could save your life: TRUE

Getting any concerning changes checked out early is key to ensuring breast cancer is diagnosed at a stage where it’s treatable and survivable. Having a bra fitting or boob check means you’re more likely to notice when something isn’t quite right for you.

Underwired bras increase the risk of cancer: FALSE

This rumour has been around for years, but there’s no real medical evidence that underwired bras raise your breast-cancer risk.

Going bra-less makes them droopy: FALSE

According to a study, bras weaken the muscles that hold up boobs, and the nipples of women who never wear bras are, on average, seven millimetres higher than regular bra wearers.

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