Best dog crates for training your puppy at home

Best dog crates so that your pooches can be safe and secure.

Best dog crates - Take a Break Pets

by Caitlin Casey |

When we first get a dog or puppy, it can be daunting to leave them at home alone. Whether you're training them or just keeping them comfy in your home, a dog crate can be a good choice to know your pup is safe and sound.

From large wire crates to plastic adjustable options, there are loads of dog crates for home and training out there. When it comes to our dogs, we know we want the absolute best for them. From Pets at Home to Amazon Basics and beyond, there's something for every budget.

So, choosing a dog crate doesn't have to be so hard as long as you know what kind of size and material to go for. You want enough space inside so that your doggy can move around a little bit, as well as room for a bed to lay down and rest. With this in mind, go for something bigger - especially if they're a puppy - so that they can grow into it and get used to it.

What can I use dog crates for?

If you've already had a puppy and had a dog around your family before, it's likely that you have already considered a dog crate at least once. There are loads of reasons why dog parents want to invest in a cage or crate for their pet.

Before we get into the options of the best dog crates and what you can use them for, remember that excessive cage use and confinement are not the best idea for your pet. All dogs need regular exercise, play and feeding so you'll want to make sure you're keeping your dog healthy with regular walks and allowing them to roam in your house when it's not necessary to put them in a cage.

Training: When your pup is growing up or you're working on behavioural training, a cage can be a great way to help your dog learn. Using puppy pads in conjunction with a dog cage can also really help your dog understand toilet training.

Pet areas: Sometimes you don't always want your pet around the whole house, so dog crates can help to keep your pooch under control. If you're away from the house for a little while or want to keep your dog in one space while you're sleeping, these crates can keep your and your pet's nerves under control as they can have their own space to enjoy.

Travel and transport: Although we're thinking about keeping dogs in crates at home, many of these options double up as handy travel support if you need to take your pooch on long drives or you're moving home. Just pop in the back of your car so that your dog isn't climbing all over your car.

So, with this in mind, you'll want to find the best dog crate for you and your pet. Check out our favourite options below.

The best dog crates UK 2022

Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage 30-inch - Medium 

Best overall dog crate
ellie-bo dog puppy cage

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If you're looking for a simple dog crate for home use that does that job and isn't too expensive, this Ellie-Bo dog cage is our top for all-around features. Foldable with an anti-chew bottom tray, this will keep your pup safe and sound with enough room for a bed for them to sleep in.
Features: Folds flat easy for transport, two sliding latch mechanisms, non-chew removable tray, instruction manual included
Size: 78 x 9 x 56 cm
Weight: 9.4kg
Pros: Simple and effective, easy for storage, good for transport
Cons: Maybe not suitable for bigger dogs
Review: "We have just bought this crate for our 8-week-old miniature schnauzer pup and are so far impressed by the sturdiness and all-round quality of it. ... The base is made of plastic and feels good quality and the cage itself isn't rattly or noisy as we'd expected it to be. We are really pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it!"

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate with Tray, Double Door, 106.7 cm

Best Amazon Basics dog crate
AmazonBasics dog crate

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Amazon Basics also have an option of a dog crate, meaning you know exactly what you're getting. Alongside their other standard pet products, size up so your dog can naturally grow into it.
Features: Front and side door entry, divider and top handle included, manual locking, folds flat
Size: 106.7cm x 71.1 cm x 76.2 cm; other sizes available
Weight: 32.19lbs
Pros: Easily foldable for travel and storage, double entry for easy access
Cons: Can be tricky to put together
Review: "Medium was getting too small for my pup so ordered this one. IDEAL! She has plenty of room now and won't grow out of it. Well made and easy to erect. Pup loves it and goes out of her own free will when she wants a sleep!"

Pet Cage by PawHut

Best Wayfair dog crate
pet cage by PawHut

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If you're looking for a dog crate that's more suited to the interior, this pet cage by PawHut is sturdy and looks a lot nicer than other dog crates. With a tabletop, you can blend it into the furniture while keeping your pooch safe at home. Also available in brown.
Features: Wooden exterior, two doors, latches for security, flat tabletop
Size: 66cm x 81cm x 58.5cm
Weight: 19.2kg
Pros: Looks more aesthetically pleasing, dual functions, easy to assemble
Cons: Only suitable for small dogs
Review: "Love this cage, ordered as my old one was a little on the small side for my two chihuahuas, not only is this a lot bigger it was really easy to assemble on my own and it looks lovely! Such a good price too!"

Iris Ohyama, Dog Playpen

Best dog crate playpen
Iris Ohyama, Dog Playpen

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Dog crates can also work well as play pens if you want a space for your pup to lounge around in without getting into the rest of your home. This dog playpen is easily assembled, made of plastic mainly so you can easily clip it together and also use it outside if you want to train your pooch.
Features: Rubber feet to avoid slipping, space for movement, portable and lightweight
Size: 60 x 91.5 x 91.5cm
Weight: 4.7kg
Pros: Lightweight, easy to assemble, lots of room for your pet
Cons: Not as durable as steel cages
Review: "Couldn't believe how big it was. What I like about this is it folds very easily. Bought for Shitzu pup 8 weeks old. He's taken to this house extremely well. Brilliant to fold to take in the garden or in a different room. Extremely easy to put together. Very pleased with this item."

Kong Two Door Ultra-Strong Dog Crate Black Medium

Best Pets at Home dog crates
Kong Two Door Ultra-Strong Dog Crate Black Medium

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Pets at Home is a go-to shop for pet supplies, so it's no surprise they have a top option for dog crates. This option is rust-resistant and has triple-lock protection, so you know it's a durable choice to invest in.
Features: Multiple doors, rust-resistant steel, triple locks, adjustable divider
Size: 55 x 50 x 79 cm
Weight: 4kg
Pros: Rounded corners and finished edges for sleek design sturdy and durable, versatile door entrance
Cons: May seem quite large

Landis Pet Cage By Archie & Oscar

Best Wayfair dog crate
Landis Pet Cage

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Want to have a pet cage that merges perfectly into your household furniture? This Landis Pet Cage from Archie & Oliver is sleek and stylish, for those who don't have too much space in their home.
Features: Wooden finish, multi-functional, removable door, easy to assemble
Size: 59 x 63 x 51cm
Weight: 22.6kg
Pros: Merges easily into furniture, anti-rust for durability, adjustable
Cons: Not as big as other options
Review: "Great piece of furniture with the added bonus of being a cage. So well built and gorgeous quality."

Double Door Dog Crate - Medium

Best Argos dog crate
Double Door Dog Crate - Medium

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Double doors allow you to access your pet easily and efficiently. This crate from Argos is a top choice if you're looking for stability as well as having space for a bed. Perfect for medium-sized dogs.
Features: Carry handle, double door with two locks, easily foldable
Size: 61 x 76 x 54 cm
Pros: Collapsible, good for medium-sized dogs, good for travelling
Cons: Mattress not included
Review: "Bought for my jackapoo pup, a great size that he will not outgrow when he reaches full size. He sleeps in it every night and is very happy in there. Bought a cosy bed for the bottom and put a blanket over the top so he feels secure. Easy to assemble, great price."

Wowsubli Dog Crate XXL

Best XXL dog crate
Wowsubli Dog Crate XXL

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Looking for a crate that will fit an extra large dog? This Wowsubli dog goes up to 42 inches so that even the largest of dogs can fit in.
Features: Folding flat for travel, two lockable doors, comes with carrier handles
Size: 2.64 x 1.75 x 1.88m
Pros: Perfect for larger dogs, good for growth, multifunctional doors
Cons: Not suitable for small dogs
Review: "So easy to put up and put down, when up its sturdy all in all a very good crate. My dog loves it and he has plenty of growing room."

Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate with Front and Top Opening, 30-Inch, Medium, Beige

Best soft shell dog crate
Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate

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Crates don't all have to be made of steel or plastic, like this Amazon Basics option which has a soft shell. This is suitable for travelling as well as indoors, making it multifunctional.
Features: Polyester soft shell exterior, zip-up doors, fastening straps
Size: 76 x 54.1 x 54.1cm
Weight: 6.5lbs
Pros: Efficient ventilation, lightweight
Cons: May be harder to clean
Review: "We're using this as a crate for our Jack Russell Terrier to sleep in and it's great. Great size and the dog seems happy and comfortable which is all you'd want. Lightweight and it would be easy to pack away for travel purposes. Really happy."

Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Puppy Cage Medium

Best sloping dog crate
ellie-bo deluxe sloping puppy cage

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Looking for a crate that's easily added into your car boot? This sloping puppy crate makes it easy to fit in the back without compromising your car. It also works as an indoor cage and is easily folded for transportation.
Features: Slanted, triangular shape, foldable, non-chew metal tray
Size: ‎78 x 12 x 55 cm
Weight: 8.84kg
Pros: Suitable for car and indoor use, fold away for storage and transport
Cons: Not the comfiest option for your dog at home
Review: "Pleased with the crate, the sloping walls mean it fits in the boot easily. Our cocker spaniel puppy has plenty of room to sit up and turn around when in it."

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