Feed your pooch the best this National Pet Month with Forthglade dog food

Full of quality ingredients and free from junk and fillers - what's not to like?

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When welcoming a new dog into your family, finding a quality dog food that’s complete and nutritious is of the utmost importance. The right dog food will ensure your pooch has everything they need to grow up happy and healthy, from being a puppy into adulthood through to their twilight years. There’s an overwhelming choice of dog food available on the market but National Pet Month is the perfect time to find the right one for your pooch. When it comes to feeding your pup the best food for their needs, we'd recommend an award-winning brand like Forthglade.

Forthglade has been producing wet and dry dog food and natural treats for over 50 years so they know a thing or two about dog nutrition. They believe that your pet’s food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated so they keep their recipes simple and their meals naturally nutritious. Take their wet food for example; there’s at least 75 per cent protein inside them and protein is super important for muscle development, weight management, coat condition and so much more.

Forthglade uses high-quality ingredients in all its recipes and gentle cooking methods to keep in as much goodness as possible. Not to mention, they’re all free from junk and fillers to ensure your pup is only getting the things out of their food that keep them happy and healthy without any nasties. Here are some of the highlights from Forthglade’s tail-waggingly tasty dog food and treat ranges.

Forthglade Grain Free Dog Food RangesForthglade

Great for dogs with sensitive tummies, and available across all life stages from puppies to seniors, Forthglade’s grain-free dog food range is supplied in single or variety recipe packs. With a 75 per cent single protein source across the range, and packed full of veg, these recipes are Forthglade’s most popular for a reason. They also have added vitamins and minerals inside to ensure your dog has all the nutrition they need at whatever stage of life they’re in.

Forthglade Cold Pressed Dry FoodForthglade

Forthglade’s Cold Pressed Dry Food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to ensure it contains everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. You don't need to mix Forthglade’s dry food with anything else, but if you and your pooch prefer to mix up mealtimes, it's the perfect companion to their complete wet food ranges.

Forthglade Wholegrain Natural Wet Dog FoodForthglade

Great for dogs who don't have an allergy or intolerance to grains, Forthglade’s wholegrain recipes include carbohydrates, offering wholesome variety to your dog’s diet. Bursting with goodness but still easily digestible, these recipes are available from puppy right through to senior.

Forthglade just 90% Complimentary Dog FoodForthglade

Forthglade’s highest protein recipes, their just 90% natural dog food range should be fed alongside a mixer such as their natural dry cold pressed dog food for optimum nutrition and health. This makes them perfect for tailoring meal times so your dog gets just what they need.

Forthglade Natural Dog TreatsForthglade

To complement your dog’s main source of food, Forthglade has developed a range of natural treats. Available in a range of flavours, their treats can be broken in two so perfect for training or easier portion control for smaller dogs or those pooches who need to watch their weight. All of Forthglade’s treats are suitable from two months of age.

Forthglade Natural Dental SticksForthglade

New from Forthglade are the plant-based Natural Dental Sticks. Made using natural ingredients, they’re developed by vets to help your four-legged friend maintain a healthy dental routine. They’re ideal for supporting strong teeth, helping to remove tartar and plaque, and freshening breath.

Is Forthglade healthy for dogs?

As we’ve mentioned above, Forthglade is known for its high-quality ingredients and free-from-junk and filler recipes so Forthglade is a healthy option for dogs. Their dog food is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives so you can be sure your hound is getting all the nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy.

Is Forthglade food high in protein?

Yes, many of Forthglade’s recipes are high in protein. As standard, their wet food ranges contain 75 per cent protein and their ‘just’ complementary range contains 90 per cent protein alongside natural ingredients.

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