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Brainwaves special!

Kim GregoryComment
Brainwaves special!

This week we have a sneaky peek into super-crafter Natalie Ahmed’s homemade Christmas

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I delved deep into my box of handmade tree decorations, and each one I pulled out took me back to a past Christmas.

Even as a child I’d loved making things. My mum Joanna, 66, still had decorations I’d made growing up.

Now I was keeping up the tradition for my husband Nick, 34, and our son Lucas, two.

Although I make things all year round, from September onwards it’s all about Christmas.

While Nick watches football and Lucas plays with his toys, I’m busy in my little craft room creating gifts, crackers, decorations and cards.

When December arrives, I fill the handmade Advent calendar I created for Lucas with little toys and sweets. Then we cover the tree with decorations I’ve made over the years, plus a new one.

And on Christmas Eve, we hang up the stocking I lovingly stitched the year Lucas was born.

Having those little personal touches helps make our festive celebrations extra special.

As Lucas gets older, I hope these things will remind him of those happy times.

Crafting is part of our Christmas tradition and for me it’s worth all the effort I put in.

Natalie Ahmed, 33, of Nottingham