5 Reasons to Book a Family Festival

5 reasons to book a family festival

by Laura Riddell |
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Here's why a family festival should be top of your bucket list for this summer...

5 Reasons to Book a Family Festival

1. For a unique staycation

If you're thinking of booking a family staycation, then why not consider a festival? This allows for all the fun of a family camping trip or break away but with the added bonus of all the exciting things you can expect from a festival - music, food and drink, workshops, shows and entertainment, plus the buzz of a fun-loving crowd. Or if you're just looking for a great family day outor wanted to test your toe in the water to see how your little ones get on at a festival, you could turn that staycation into a daycation and book tickets for single day entry to a family friendly festival.

2. The opportunity to bond

There's something special about having your little one sat on your shoulders as you listen to music, and the joy they feel at being allowed to stay up late on a long summer night. Festivals offer an opportunity to take part in fun activities your family might otherwise not have the chance to enjoy together, and at the end of a long day, kids will love getting cosy in a tent. It's time spent feeling really present with your kids and the chance to make some special and lasting memories.

3. For a multi-generational experience

It's not just parents and kids who can enjoyed family festivals, grandparents can have a great time too. A spokesperson for Camp Bestival says they are seeing a lot of grandparents coming along to join in the fun.

5 Reasons to Book a Family Festival

4. The outdoor mood boost

A whole weekend spent outdoors is a great way to lift spirits. All that fresh air, green space and exercise from all the fun and games will boost everyone's mood. And as family friendly festivals tend to offer lots of wellness activities it can be an opportunity for kids, adults and grandparents to stretch out, relax and practise mindfulness, not to mention the benefits of switching off from electronic devices for a few days and embracing the moment.

5. Convenience

Going away for a weekend as a family can mean having to plan and book lots of separate activities to keep the kids entertained, and having to think about where to eat that will serve kid-friendly food and making reservations in advance. But family festivals are designed to be laid back. They're jam-packed with things to do from morning to night so there's plenty to pop along to at any point in the day, and food options to suit all tastes and keep everyone happy. Also, you don't have to worry about getting the kids dressed up in their finest, as the relaxed atmosphere of a festival means it doesn't matter if you're all looking a bit scruffy.

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