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Gripped adrenaline park day out review

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In summary

Set your heart racing at this aerial and outdoor activity centre in Hounslow, West London, where you'll enjoy a day of adventure, conquering high ropes, zip lines, bag jumps, two huge slides, a tree top net park, and a power fan activity - where you can experience the rush of free-fall.

When do we visit?

I visited with my husband on a Saturday at the end of April. It was forecast to rain, so we wore rain jackets. But the rain held off and the bad weather forecast seemed to work in our favour, as this (alongside our visit falling after the Easter holidays) may have been the reason the park was quiet. Gripped activities are weather permitting, and opening times are adjusted to suit the season. So it's worth double checking on the website. But generally speaking, Gripped embraces all weather. You just have to be sensibly dressed. It's open from February to November, Fridays-Sundays, 10am to 5pm. But from the beginning of June until the end of the first week in September it's open Monday-Sunday, 10am to 5pm. It's also open all week during other school holiday times, such as the May and October half term.

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What is there to see and do?

There are six activities to enjoy:

High Ropes

After getting into our harnesses and watching a safety briefing, we headed to the high ropes, where we were given clear and straightforward instructions. There are two high rope courses. We began our day by going straight for the more difficult course, where the highest platform stands at 7.5 metres. Maybe it was the cold, or it could have been how tightly I was gripping the ropes due to nerves, but, at first, I regretted not following the advice of wearing gloves or buying a pair for £4 at the entrance. However, five minutes in, my hands felt fine. Due to the chance of rain, I'd layered up and was wearing a lightweight rain jacket over my t-shirt, hoddie, and jacket. So it wasn't long before the physical exertion left me feeling a bit over heated! The course was fun-filled with nets, ropes swings, zip wires and wobbly crossings. There were definitely times when my arm strength didn't feel up to the challenge. But we made it through, and the course took us less than 45 minutes to complete. Once the nerves subsided, it was quite pleasurable whizzing through the trees on a zip line over a small stream.

Dual Zip Line Trekking

Next up, an instructor took us to a low level practice zip line to show us what we needed to know before we then hopped on the Dual Zip Line. This was lots of fun and we loved speeding along side-by-side. The course is made up of zips and aerial bridges over green surroundings. This took us about 30 minutes to complete.

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Power Fan Descender

Feeling brave after the high ropes and zip line challenge, I made my way to the Power Fan Descender. This is probably the most nerve-racking challenge at Gripped, as you jump from the top of a 24-metre tower attached to a Power Fan descender restraint system. The scary bit is when you free-fall for a couple of seconds before the restraint kids in, and it then just feels like abseiling from a wall climb. If I'd started the day with this challenge, I'd probably have chickened out. But feeling brave after the high ropes and zip line challenge, I stepped off the edge without giving myself time to rethink. Both myself and my husband enjoyed this unique and fun experience.

Bag Jump

This is where you free jump from platforms of various heights on to giant inflatable bags, without a harness. You have to master the lower platforms before you can tackle the highest one. I wasn't scared of the jump, but I just couldn't master the technique of landing flat on my back with my arms folded across my chest, and after a few attempts, I gave up and moved on to the speed slides.

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Speed Slides

There are two 50 metre long, 24 metre high slides. One has a vertical drop and the other is a spiral slide. As people before us slipped into their hessian sacks and began their descent, you could hear a variety of shrieks and squeals of joy and fear. This was really good fun. Our pass allowed us four goes on the slides but I went on each once and then my legs couldn't face the 24 metre climb again.

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Net Adventure Park

This is suitable for all ages from 4+. It's filled with jump nets, net tunnels, slides and giant balls. The highest net is 6.4m. But this felt more like one for the kids.

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What about food and drink?

There's a hut selling Costa hot drinks. We paid £6.50 for a regular Americano and a hot chocolate. You can also purchase hot food such as loaded fries, from £3.50, hot dogs from £5.95 (veggie option available, priced £7.25) and paninis at £6.95. A bottle of soft drink will cost you from £2.30, and snacks such as crisps (£1.25 for Pom Bears), and ice lollies (£2.25) and small tubs of ice cream (£2.95) are also available. There are a few large picnic tables. But there's very little overhead covering if it rains. In terms of other facilities, there are toilets, including an accessible toilet with baby change.

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How long does it take to go around Gripped?

I'd advise arriving for opening time to allow for safety briefings and ensure you have enough time to complete everything. We got held up in traffic on our way to Gripped, and didn't arrive until midday. I thought this would mean missing out on a couple of the attractions. But, the forecasted rain seemed to have kept people away. As there were no queues, and as we didn't see the point in doing the easier high ropes challenge after tackling the harder one, we ended up having plenty of time to enjoy everything we wanted to do. But on a sunnier day or during busier school holiday times, our late arrival might have meant missing out on being able to fully enjoy the experience.

What age is it most suitable for?

The minimum height for the high ropes, zip line trekking, and bag jumps is 1.4m, and the minimum height for the power fan and bag jump is 1.3m. Visitors under 15 require either a supervising or ticket-holding adult (over 18) to participate in these activities. The net adventure park is for ages 4+. Visitors between 4 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult while on the net park. To make the most of your trip to Gripped, I'd recommend visiting with children over 1.4m. The net adventure park can be paid for as a single activity, and may be a good add-on for younger children visiting Hobbledown Heath (a separate ticketed attraction on the same site as Gripped, which is suitable for younger adventurers). I'm 5ft 3in and had to stand on my tippy toes while moving the safety catch along parts of the more difficult high ropes challenge. So, I think a child at 1.4m would struggle. In this case, it would be helpful for the adult to go behind the child so they can help them manoeuvre the catch over the parts of the course where you need to change direction.

How much does it cost?

The six-activity all-inclusive pass costs from £45 per person. Or you can choose form three activities (excluding the Power Fan) from £30. There's a three activities for 1.3m (suitable for young thrill-seekers who haven't reach 1.4m) from £30. This allows them to enjoy the slides, net park, and the Power Fan. Or you can book activities individually, starting from £12 each. But if you're going to visit Gripped more than twice in a year, it makes sense to get a Gripped annual membership, which cost £99 per person. Spectator passes are free when accompanying a Gripped participant, but must be booked in advance.

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How to get there?

The address is: Gripped, Staines Road, Hounslow, TW14 0HH

We drove and there is plenty for parking space - space for more than 600 vehicles and 35 charging points for electric cars. Parking costs £1 per hour.

But if you're travelling by public transport, the nearest tube station is Hounslow Central, which is on the Piccadilly lone - 23 minutes journey time from Hammersmith. And the nearest train stations are Feltham and Hounslow. These are all about a 30-40 minute walk to Gripped. But check a map of bus routes in the area, as the 117 and 235 buses stop outside Gripped.

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Tips for visiting Gripped?

  • There are small metal lockers where you can store your belongings. But these require a lock. You could buy one there, priced £2.50, or bring your own.

  • There's a maximum weight of 120kg (just under 19 stone).

  • There are a few picnic tables and you are welcome to bring your own picnic.

  • Plan ahead - check the weather forecast and dress and pack appropriately. During colder months you might need a fleece, rain jacket and gloves, and bring a hot flask with a warm drink to heat up but between activities. You want to stay cosy but remember the physical exertion will heat you up. So, don't wear too many layers of you'll overheat.

  • Regardless of weather, wear closed toe shoes with a good grip.

  • Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

  • During the warmer months, make sure to pack sun cream and wear a lightweight long-sleeved top to protect your arms from rope burn. You might also want to bring sunglasses.

  • Long hair must be tied back.

  • Have the right mindset - you can't control the weather. So, don't let a little bit of rain spoil your day and instead see it as part of the adventure. But the park may close during certain adverse weather conditions.

  • Parking is charged at £1 per hour and you can pay on card, with the first 30 minutes free for drop off.

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Take a Break's verdict

We think the £45 all activity pass is really good value for money, considering it's six activities and a whole day out. Gripped would make a great day out for families with older children, or the perfect birthday party destination for thrill-seeking teenagers. It makes for a wonderful group activity, date day, or as a fun Father's Day gift or unique wedding present for an adventure seeking bride and groom. I thought I'd feel the strain on my muscles the next day. But, after a week of sitting long hours at my desk, my body felt in need of the physical activity, and it's always uplifting to spend time outdoors. The only downside, is it can be a little tricky to get to if you're travelling by public transport, and if you've children of different ages, the nets are the only activity suitable for kids under 1.3m. We rate it a 4.5/5 attraction.

*Please note: for safety reasons, there are age and height restrictions on all Gripped activities: Under 15s will need a paying ticket-holding adult to participate with them on the Zip Trek and High Ropes, and a supervising adult present (no ticket needed) for the Speed Slides, Bag Jump and Power Fan. There is a maximum of 4 children to every participating adult. The minimum height restriction for most Gripped activities is 1.4m, with the exclusion of the Speed Slides and Power Fan which are 1.3m and Net Park, which has no minimum height. The Net Park has a minimum age of 4, but children between the ages of 4 and 6 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the Net Park at all times. All visitors of Gripped must wear suitable, comfortable active wear. Shoes must be closed toe, no crocs, sliders, flip-flops, sandals or high heels, please. Gloves are recommended for the high ropes course and zip trek - not heavy winter gloves, but suitable light gloves with protective grip/padding. – these are available for purchase on site.

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