12 saviours of Christmas

12 saviours of Christmas

by Bianca Castro |

While many pharmacies are open over the festive period, it’s worth stocking up your medicine cabinet now with holiday essentials…

1. Paracetamol tablets and liquid at 120mg and 250mg/ 5ml doses, to suit all ages.

2. Ibuprofen tablets for pain, including headaches and ibuprofen or diclofenac gel/cream for muscle and joint pains.

3. Cough medicine although a teaspoon of honey (for children aged one and over) also soothes tickly coughs.

4. Heartburn remedies Antacids help short term, but proton pump inhibitor tablets from your pharmacist last longer.

5. Indigestion relief as above.

6. Cystitis relief sachets, which reduce the acidity of urine and relieve symptoms short term.

7. Unscented emollient cream as central heating and washing-up can dry skin out, leading to itching.

8. Laxatives for those who didn’t eat their veg. Keep a mild stimulant laxative (bisacodyl) which works in 6-12 hours, and fybogel (fibre in drink form) for longer-term relief.

9. Mild steroid cream for more inflamed dry areas of eczema or dermatitis.

10. A thermometer is always useful, but especially during the pandemic as fever is one of the key features of COVID-19.

11. Support bandages for sprains caused by icy paths. Rest, ice, compress with a tubular support bandage then elevate.

12. For burns Never use ice (or butter) on a burn. Cool it in lukewarm or cool running water for 20 mins. Seek medical attention for children under five, older people, any burn bigger than your hand, burns on the face or genitals or limbs that lead to blisters.

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