3 symptoms of HEARTBREAK…

3 symptoms of heartbreak

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Did you know the breakdown of a relationship can spark physical pain?

Increased blood pressure

When encountering heartbreak, the body’s hormones shift. The brain believes that it’s under threat and signals to the adrenal glands to release the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, and the body enters its fight-or-flight mode. This raises blood pressure and heart rate, causing a spike in blood sugar levels and even suppressing the workings of the body that the brain doesn’t deem vital, for example, digestion.

Remaining in fight-or-flight mode for prolonged periods leads to ongoing anxiety, frequent shortness of breath and even chest pains, as the coronary blood vessels of the heart dilate, increasing blood flow and causing it to race.

Skin problems

Heartbreak can also cause surface level symptoms such as eczema, psoriasis and redness of the skin. This is the result of the hormone adrenaline circulating through the body, causing inflammation. The skin’s glands also produce excess sebum which then clogs the pores, causing breakouts.

Loss of appetite

The term ‘gut feeling’ is often referred to as a person’s intuition, however the feeling of butterflies, nerves or nausea is because of what is physically going on in the gut. The brain signals to the gut via the vagus nerve and the gastrointestinal tract aids in telling us that we are on the road to encounter something that we will not like. The combination of the two sees that we experience physical gut symptoms and lose our appetite. On average, a person loses up to five pounds when experiencing a relationship breakdown.

• From hormonal health brand TRT.

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