4 reasons to… THANK YOUR BODY

4 reasons to... THANK YOUR BODY

by Hope Brotherton |

It may not be as young, fit or slim as it once was, but your body is still amazing

1 Your legs carry you

You may be judging the size of your thighs in the mirror, but there’s someone else out there who’s struggling just to walk around the block. Keep a little cellulite in perspective. It’s not such a terrible thing, and shouldn’t stop you enjoying life.

2 Your arms hold what you love

Whether it’s your daughter, grandson or your puppy, your arms have the strength to scoop up and hug the things you hold most dear.

3 Your heart is beating

Did you know that you take around 23,000 breaths a day? Or that your heart will beat over three billion times in your lifetime? When you think about the processes that keep you alive and well, it’s astounding! Your body is an incredible machine that needs your compassion, love and care.

4 Appreciate what you have

Wherever you are in your own personal wellness journey, remember that you don’t truly know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Don’t wait until you’re facing a serious illness or injury to appreciate the amazing things your body does. Be grateful for it just as it is today!

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