4 ways to supercharge your wellbeing

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Try these exercise trends that can boost your mental and physical health

Embrace slow fitness

Slow fitness is a great option for those who might have health barriers that prevent them from taking on higher intensity activities.

Activities like yoga and Pilates allow you to stay active and increase your strength and flexibility. Others, like t'ai chi, allow you to take a more mindful approach through their focus on controlled breathing, and are particularly effective at combating stress.

Try five-minute movements

Put aside some time to get yourself up and out of your chair for a quick walk about, even if it’s just to make a cup of tea.

Alternatively, you can prevent your muscles from stiffening with some simple seated stretches, or ‘deskercises’, designed to increase flexibility from the comfort of your armchair.

Brave cold water

Cold water swimming has the usual benefits of swimming, but the temperature change makes it more physically demanding. It’s known to have the additional benefits of improving your circulation and reducing stress or anxiety.

If you’d rather not go swimming, a cold bath or shower during the day can bring some of the same benefits, including improving your circulation.

Discover your green fingers

To ensure you’re experiencing the physical benefits of gardening, be conscious of your posture and avoid hunching over or slouching.

You should also make sure you’re protecting your knees with a soft pad when getting down on all fours, to avoid any damage to your joints, and make sure to take regular breaks where you stretch out and flex your back and joints to prevent them seizing up.

• From Julie Jennings, independent occupational therapist at hslchairs.com

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