5 foods to supercharge your immunity

5 foods to supercharge your immunity

by Bianca Castro |

Protect your immune health this winter with these rainbow foods


Rich in monounsaturated fats needed to absorb our immune-boosting fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. Healthy fats are used to help beat inflammation and manage immune response. Plus, avocados are loaded with immune-boosting vitamin E. Crushed avocado on wholemeal toast is a great way to start the day.


One of the few foods able to deliver meaningful levels of the immune-boosting vitamin D, and when raw seem to contain the greatest amount. Chop mushrooms up and add to salads or dip into some delicious houmous for a great snack.

Natural yogurt

So much of what happens with the immune system stems from the gut. The gut microbiome (friendly bacteria) are responsible for so much that is good, so bolster them up with some natural yogurt which is naturally fermented and contains live strains. Berries rich in vitamin C make the perfect accompaniment.

Red peppers

Containing some of the highest levels of immune-boosting vitamin C, red peppers are great in stir-fries, chopped and eaten raw as crudités or roasted with a tray of other colourful veggies. Vitamin C helps increase production of white blood cells, an essential function of the immune system.


One of the best sources of protein as they contain all essential amino acids. Protein is needed to produce antibodies and other cells which all pull together in getting the immune system into great shape.

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