5 skills for a happy relationship

5 skills for a happy relationship

by Bianca Castro |

Here’s what you need to keep your relationship strong


Sometimes arguments reach a stalemate because neither partner is willing to listen to what the other is saying. But listening and trying to understand how each other is feeling shows your partner you care.


Communication is one of the most important skills in any relationship. Being able to clearly and consistently state how you’re feeling will mean that little niggles that might otherwise develop into something worse can be resolved early on.


Differences between you and your partner are inevitable — it’s how you deal with those differences that counts. Try to avoid letting things spin out of control. Don’t say things you’ll regret or trade insults, and be prepared to forgive. It’s only when both partners are willing to let go of their desire to ‘win’ the argument that it can end.


In a long-term relationship, commitment means being willing to work on difficulties together, plan for the future, and clarify and protect the boundaries you’ve agreed on.


The Ancient Greeks had three words for love…

Eros: This is erotic love. It means being attracted to each other.

Philios: This means friendship. It’s the feeling of understanding one another, enjoying each other’s company and having shared interests.

Agape: This means being prepared to go out of your way for the other person or put them first.

A relationship with all three will thrive. If one is lacking, you might find things more challenging.

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